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TLA Nestle's Sparkle Girl

TLA Nestle's Sparkle Girl

TLA Nestle's Sparkle Girl

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 4/1/09
COLOR: Black w/light pts

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark - 32 1/2" Black

Dam: Short Spots Sunny - 33 1/2" Dark brown/white spotted

Sparkle is back to Timber Lane Acres!

The last foal of our former herdsire, Splendor's Nestle Special Dark, born here in the U.S. before he was sold to Marion and Peter van Dijk in New Zealand. We wanted a black jennet foal from Nestle and Sunny so bad. Even had her name chosen before she was born, praying for a shiny black jennet. Thus her name, 'Sparkle' thinking she would arrive into our world, a shiny black little jennet! Guess what?? Sparkle was born...healthy, beautiful and black, and did she ever sparkle...and still does! We were so blessed! Sunny and Nestle gave us just what we had hoped for.

Sparkle has Nestle's outstanding confirmation, good muscled build (what a big hip on this girl) and good top line and a gorgeous head and neck. She also has a sweet, loving disposition.

Sparkle was sold to Darla Jackson, Ohio. She's raised two gorgeous, quality sorrel jennet foals, bred to a handsome sorrel/brown jack and turned out to be a fantastic mother to her foals. Sparkle has been bred to a quality, black jack of Darla's before arriving back to Wisconsin. Due in May 2018.

MJB Rachel Alexandra

MJB Rachel Alexandra

MJB Rachel Alexandra

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 5/19/2009
COLOR: NLP black

Sire: Lil' Longears Hidalgo 32 1/4" black/white spot

Dam: MJB Miss Mariah 33 7/8" NLP black

Rachel is definitely a 'people' donkey. She loves attention and enjoys being around people. Rachel has great confirmation, pretty head and that gorgeous black color, we love. So pleased that we were able to add Rachel to our donkey family!

Up until now she has been a fantastic show donkey, not only winning at halter but performance also. She loves to jump and is very good at it. Rachel is broke to drive and was even driven as a team and shown in team driving classes. She was purchased as a foal and originally trained by Elizabeth Moore, then owned and shown by Debby Miller.

We think it's time to see what she can produce now. Rachel was bred to our boy, Magic, mid June 2016. And...they did produce one gorgeous black NLP jennet! No spots this time but what straight legs, outstanding confirmation and such a lover. Check out her baby girl, Ellie on the foal page!

Rachel will rest for 2017 and be bred back to Magic the spring of 2018.


Short  ASSets Vanilla Berry

Short  ASSets Vanilla Berry

Short ASSets Vanilla Berry

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 2/21/2009
HEIGHT: 31 3/4"
COLOR: Dark Brown

Sire: Short ASSets Star's War dark brown 30 1/2"

Dam: Short ASSets Halle Berry dark red 32"

National Champion Sire & Dam!
Both Short ASSets Star's War and Short ASSets Halle Berry won several national championship between them.

We're very happy to add Vanilla Berry to our group of quality jennets! She is such a sweetheart with great confirmation and top line, good muscle, pretty head and neck. She produced a pretty dark NLP jennet foal in 2016. We'll see what she can produce bred to a spot. Berry has been bred to Magic for a July 2018 foal.

Berry and Tess are buddies forever, will stay together and hopefully, foal together.


Short ASSets Tess

Short ASSets Tess

Short ASSets Tess

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 11/5/2003
HEIGHT: 32 1/4"
COLOR: brown

Sire: Short ASSets Coppertop red 29 1/2"

Dam: Short ASSets Jam-my-ma dark brown 32"

National Champion/National Champion Producer!
We are so excited to add Tess to our quality group of jennets! She has the outstanding confirmation, good bone, gorgeous head and neck, straight topline(even in her teens) and loving personality we look for to raise our foals.

In 2011, she was the National Champion Produce of Dam winner at the NMDA Nationals in Waco, TX, also dam of the 2011 Jr. National Champion, Myer's Meadows Starburst. Her son, Short Assets Spartan, was the 2012 TN State Champion Halter Jack and 2013 National Champion Jack.

When bred to red, Tess has produced red. In 2016 she was bred to a handsome HHAA spotted jack and produced an outstanding spotted jack foal. Tess has been bred to our loving boy, Magic, for an August 2018 foal...hoping for a spot, of course!

Welcome to Wisconsin, Tess! We look forward to having you will us for many years to come.


TLA Delila Goes Pink

TLA Delila Goes Pink

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 8/17/2013
HEIGHT: 33 1/2"
COLOR: Light red

Sire: Short ASSets Spartan red 31 1/2"

Dam: The Elms Cheers For Ears light red 33 3/4"

Delila is a gorgeous light red(pink) young jennet. She has outstanding confirmation, good bone and legs, pretty head and very willing to learn. This past summer we started working with Delila in jumping and trail. She loves attention and hugs.

She was sold with her buddies, Charmed and Kali, but her new owner's situation changed and decided to only add one jennet to their current group, rather than three. We now have Delila and Kali back home to Timber Lane Acres.

While with her former owner, Delila was bred in August 2017 to a small handsome, quality, dark brown jack of Heikens Ark breeding. We look forward to Delila's first foal in 2018.

Short ASSets Elke

Short ASSets Elke

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 01/09/2008
HEIGHT: 32 3/4"
COLOR: Dark brown MSF

Sire: Short ASSets El Nino 32" gray/roan MSF

Dam: Double N Texas Babe 32 1/2" brown/white spotted

Welcome to Wisconsin Elke! All the way from Oklahoma! Thank you Kim and Jim, AssN9 Ranch for allowing us to own Elke.
We have been blessed by adding Elke to our group of girls. When Elke was a yearling, we actually contacted the Shorts about purchasing her. The timing wasn't right for us then. Now, 8 years later we finally own her! We also currently own one of her sons, our awesome show gelding, AssN9 Pistol Pete...who we dearly love. Our plan for Elke is to breed her to Magic next spring 2018.

Elke has the confirmation, size, color and loving personality that we look for to produce potential performance foals. We love her white blaze face and hope she will produce beautiful quality spots for us.


Our Future Brood Jennets

Reference Jennets

Splendor's Sophie

Splendor's Sophie

GENDER: Jennet
DOB: 4/8/02
COLOR: Gray & White Spot

Sire: Fisher's Gideon's Beau (brown & White Spotted) - 31 1/2"

Dam: Splendor's Pebbles (gray Dun, NLP) - 32 3/4"

Sophie is a gorgeous quality spotted jennet. She is truly missed by us, but she's doing great in her new home with Joan Young of Joy's Miniatures, Australia. Joan is very pleased with Sophie as her first foal for her is a dark NLP little jack foal! Congratulations, Joan and Sophie! Sophie's two sons born here at Timber Lane Acres are now both producing dark tyger spots!

Sophie is the dam of Magic and Socks!

Congratulations to Joan Young of Joy's Miniatures, Australia, on your purchase of Sophie.


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